May, 2011

The Power of Branding for Non-Profit

Tue, May 24, 2011

The one thing that all of these companies have in common outside of being crazy successful is this… branding! They all have outstanding branding. If you can master branding for your church or non-profit organization, you will be able to create unity/consistency within the organization allowing people to know what to expect. Branding is everything

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A Message to the Church Graphic Designer

Thu, May 19, 2011

For most churches it is the most cost effective way to get marketing products such as fliers, cards, and banners made by hiring an in house designer. Having been one of those graphic designers I understand some of the internal struggles that have less to do with execution and more to do with inspiration. One

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Changing the Game

Thu, May 12, 2011

When I started this blog I sought to lend my knowledge of photography, design, and web to those who wanted to learn. Having been in these medias for years an audience has developed, and this blog has provided an avenue, an eye if you will into my world of art. Although I love to help

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Business Structure and Strategies for New Professionals

Mon, May 09, 2011

Most freelance photographers, designers, and developers are good at what they do, so they don’t need to be told how to do it. However the questions I do see new freelance photographers asking over and over is more or less about the practical aspect of the business. Most creative people don’t think about big picture

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