Photography Matters

Sat, Jul 02, 2011

In many instances, I see the rule of have good photography for advertisement being downplayed. So I wanted to use this post to reawaken the reason for having a wide selection of good photographs. Think of each element to a design or ad as a component to a dish. One bad component can ruin the

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Business Structure and Strategies for New Professionals

Mon, May 09, 2011

Most freelance photographers, designers, and developers are good at what they do, so they don’t need to be told how to do it. However the questions I do see new freelance photographers asking over and over is more or less about the practical aspect of the business. Most creative people don’t think about big picture

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10 Do’s and Don’ts to Wedding Photography from NY

Tue, Apr 12, 2011

Recently I went to New York for a wedding shoot that was fantastic! I had such a great time while I was in the city and can’t wait till my next visit. Jobs like this New York trip really test a photographers skills, creativity and reliability. Just as with any wedding coverage, the stakes are

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5 Tips to Taking High Quality Photographs

Thu, Mar 10, 2011

On my very first photo shoot, I went through out the day taking some great photos only to realize that all those beautiful shots were in fact dreadful. There was tons of noise and blur in every shot and it took forever to edit them to look half way decent. As I analyzed the possible

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Photoshop Tutorial: Best Skin Retouching Techniques and Tools

Mon, Jan 31, 2011

One of the most universal uses for photoshop is skin retouching. It is amazing how in just a few minutes you can make the typical teens acne filled skin look as flawless as the models on those ridiculous proactive commercials. The problem is that most people using photoshop do not really know when to use

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Photography Session with Jenna Tretyak

Wed, Jan 26, 2011

Jenna Tretyak and I have known each other for quite some time now. The first time we met we hit it off pretty good, and have been friends since. It had been a while since I had seen her last, which is partly why it was an exciting and fun day of shooting. She has

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KC Music Photography Shoot with Calvin Arsenia

Sun, Jan 23, 2011

Calvin Arsenia and I have been great friends for quite some time. We first started our friendship as leaders in a Bible Study we had at our high school where he would sing and play guitar. Since then he has continued to minister through his craft and is booking shows like crazy. I’m quite excited

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All New Photography Site! And a few tips for yours.

Wed, Jan 19, 2011

I am so excited about this new photography website! It is clean, simple, and compatible with most mobile devices. The site is I encourage you to check it out! There were a few major reasons why I decided to remake the website entirely, although the previous site was only a year old. Reasons for

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Beginning a New Series of Photoshop Tutorial Videos

Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Over the years I have acquired a lot of different techniques and tricks in photoshop that could be very helpful to people using the program. Since I am a huge advocate of aspiring artists and love to teach, I am beginning a series of training videos to show helpful tricks that I frequently use when

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