5 Creative Ways to Get Your Name Out There

One of the things that I constantly have to think through for clients is how to creatively get their name out to the general public. Here are a few cost effective ways to spread your churches name that you may have not thought of.

  1. Advertise in a coupon book
  2. Coupon books are fairly inexpensive to advertise in and there are some that are distributed in local neighborhoods as door hangers. Today, coupons have become a fad of sorts; there are now tv shows that are all about saving money using coupons. It would be wise to ride the coupon train for a special event or even your Sunday service. “FREE” is a huge buzzword today for coupons, so having “Free Admission” could catch the viewers eye to at least notice and read the coupon. Also this is a very targeted approach to getting your name out there because you can usually have them distributed to selected neighborhoods.

  3. Merch it up
  4. Merchandising is a great way to make walking billboards for your church. The best part is that people are willing to pay for your t-shirt or other apparel with your church name on it which means people are paying to advertise for you. Usually 60% of your church attendance will want some sort of apparel (assuming it isn’t hideous), and you can also give them out at events. This method requires some initial investment but you should be able to at least break even and get some good exposure from it.

  5. Bike Trail Chalk
  6. Sounds a bit outlandish I know, but people are intrigued by things that are out of the ordinary. During the spring-fall months hundreds of bikers, runners, and walkers roam the trails daily. Spending $5-10 on sidewalk chalk and writing a message every couple miles on the trail is a great way to get your name to a group of people that are obviously trying to improve themselves. The thought process here is to identify where people spend their time, understand their motives, and appeal to those motives in a cost effective way.

  7. Take it to the streets
  8. worship leaders playing at a local cafeIf I was to own a new restaurant I would take my food the streets for people to try it and tell them about the restaurant. Just as a restaurant has great food to offer the community Churches have much to offer as well. So why not take it to the streets? Do you have a great praise and worship band? Have them play in high traffic areas or in local venues so the community can experience what you have to offer and learn more about the church. Most local venues are easy to be booked at and can really present great opportunities to witness.

  9. Have an online presence
  10. Social media sites like facebook and twitter are power tools to get information out there. The huge benefit to these forms of communication is sharing. People can share your flier or message with their hundreds or even thousands of friends instantly. If you have 50 people share a flier or even post it as a profile picture then you’re talking massive amounts of free exposure to people that are generally in your area. Try creating a flier, formatting and making it readily available for web, then encouraging your church to get involved by sharing the flier online.

If you have any creative ideas for getting your name in public eye, feel free to post them as a comment. Remember, growing public interest is necessary for growing a ministry. In the end, it is all about spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth and making disciples for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

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