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Welcome to this amazing website ya’ll!! If you are wondering what is going on. That’s ok. Sometimes I just like to use my personal domain for fun. Like right now. Since I am not in a place where I can commit to consistent production and moderation of content for this site. I am using it to learn some new tricks and hone my dev skills.

If you are curious what I’m deving into right now, I am setting up new workflows using Desktop Server as a local server, that I track my progress and changes using a nifty thing called git. I have that setup remotely on bitbucket. I then move site when it is ready off my local machine to a staging server to test that the site behaves has expected before pushing my changes to a production sever or live site.

I am also having a go at setting up custom themes, post types, and custom fields using WordPress. This allows me to turn my site into a powerful content management system customized to suit my needs.

Two thumbs up brah!