Photoshop Tutorial: Design/Post-Production Tips

I am excited to introduce multi-media artist, Jared Wells! I have been following his work recently, and I got to tell you…the guy is a creative mastermind. He has lots of style and technique worth following. He was kind enough to put together a tutorial on how he does some of his design work. Enjoy this tutorial by J. Wells.

My name is Jared “Deraj” Wells, and I’m a Multimedia Designer in Orlando FL.  I’ve been working in Photoshop for about 6 years and along the way I have come across some techniques that havve been useful in the creation process of some of the work I do. In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a retro water-color poster design using some basic tools as well as introducing you to a few fairly advanced tips for customization in PS.

Shapes Tutorial from Jared Wells on Vimeo.

If you would like to keep up with more of my work check me out and drop me a line:

Steven Records Blog- Guest Post by Jared Wells

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