SEO and Why Your Church Needs It

The big question for many is what is what is SEO to begin with. Most people are not familiar with the term. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short it is the work needed to make your site reach the top of search engines for certain keywords. Right now I am currently doing this search engine marketing strategy for a client of mine. There is a lot of work that goes into but the evident result is a constant stream of wanted traffic to your website that you are not having to pay out for.

Now there is a lot of information out there about SEO and for the most part it is constantly changing so information varies. Point being you will want to hire out to someone that knows what they are doing for the most part. At least for the first few stages of SEOing.

The first stage is KEYWORDS.
Finding relevant, non-competitive keywords that have a decent amount of searches is a pain, but it can result in drawing the right people to your site and ultimately, to your church. In this case, SEO is an evangelistic tactic in reaching the lost. People do searches for anything and everything. Lets say you have an addiction recovery program and someone does a search for “alcoholism recovery” and yours is the first one that shows up, then they decide to choose your bible based program over a program that is not Christian simply because yours was the first one on google.

The second stage is OPTIMIZATION
Once you have your keywords you need your site to contain those keywords throughout every part of the site. This will also help visitors know that they found what they were searching for when the site content is relevant to their original search. This also will boost your rankings for those keywords you searched for because your site content is relevant to those keywords.

The third stage is LINK BUILDING
Once you arrive at this point the need for an expert decreases, but it will take some research and time to know what to do. Link building is an long process of getting people to create a link to your site. Popularity is relevance to search engines, so the more links you have to your site the higher your page will be ranked. Remember that you want quality links that have high page ranks and/or .edu .gov web addresses. Your site needs to be submitted to search engines, and linked on social networks, blogs, articles, rss feeds and anything else you can link to.

The last thing to do is CHECK YOUR RESULTS
You need to see what keywords are driving traffic to your site after 3-6 months and then adjust your content to what is working.

Remember that SEO is an ongoing thing that is not just a set it and forget it marketing strategy. It will help build a web presence for your church and draw traffic to your site. If the quality of your sites content is good then the more likely you will turn visitors to disciples.

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